Felt human again..

Note: Here I’ll share with you how I spent my Sunday, 29th day of July 2018. You will also see photos from that day with different angles applied.

While waiting for my friend

My day started with me, waking up of course, internally crying because it was Sunday but I still have to go to school.

When I was in my SHS years, I normally spent my weekend doing household chores, doing leisure activities and do absolutely nothing.

During summer, it was like everyday is weekend. No class. I just stay in the house doing random things.

But now I’m in college, it’s like I don’t have a weekend anymore. I spend my Saturdays and Sundays in school.

Fast forward from that day, it was already planned with my college friends to have a photo walk after our NSTP Orientation. But my friends said they won’t be able join and I am left with myself. I was thinking of just going home and not continue the plan but I needed this photo walk… for my major’s blog. So I contacted a good friend of mine, Rica. I asked her if she wants to join me for a photo walk and she said yes. Thank God, I’m not alone. I’m not familiar with the places despite living here in the city for almost 18 years.

So we met up and started our photo walk.

Meet Rica. A very good friend of mine. I met her during my SHS years. We share the same interest which is art. She’s really nice, friendly, supportive, kind and talkative. There’s much deeper about her. She’s a really strong person.

We walked from MTS to San Pedro. Our first stop. By the way, it was my first time to do a photo walk. When we got there, I wasn’t able to start right away taking pictures because I have no idea on what to do. Where and what I should shoot and what angle first am I gonna used. I’m not used to taking pictures of scenery in crowded places (unless its an event well I’m good I’m used to it). I usually shoot portraits. So I’m used to having humans as my subject. And then we strolled.

Good thing I was able to shoot some photos.

So we walked and talked and walked… then we decided to go to a another place. We walked to C.Bangoy street. I think. I continued taking photos.

Yes, it is what you think it is. I’m so sorry you have to see that.

So the whole time, all we did was walk, talk, finding good spots and me taking pictures. Later on, we were able to find a good spot and I made my friend as a subject model.

Then this thing happened… finally we were able to find a really good spot. We stayed there for a while and took a few shots. The lighting and background was really good. We were having a good time and then suddenly this old man approached and started talking to us. It turns out he’s a pervert. So we did the right thing WE NEED TO DO. We immediately grabbed our bags and walked fast as we could away from that man. We had to leave our new found spot and move on to another place. We walked again.

At this time, we were discussing about where would be the best place to shoot sunset but (spoiler) yeah at the end we weren’t able to do that.

We decided to go to Magsaysay Park so we could shoot the sea view instead.

Then we past by this building called Art Portal Gallery. We saw that they’re having an portrait painting exhibit so we went inside to see the entries from different talented local artists.

Art Portal Gallery

I was blown away like I always do when I see beautiful artworks from different artists. It really made me happy seeing each of their works. God yes, I love art and artists so much.

After that, we continued our journey. We walked to Davao Doc so we could ride a jeep to Magsaysay Park.

And then we reached Magsaysay Park.

So that day, I felt human again. Why? Because I was able to breathe again. Felt things. Think of something. I was really blessed to have spent my Sunday in that way. It was not just a photo walk with a friend and just to take pictures for my blog. I was able to go places. Explore. I got to hangout with my friend, who I haven’t talked and seen for months in person, we were able to catch up with each other’s lives. I found my way back to photography and practice. I got to do my very first photo walk which I wanted to do a long time ago. First times’ really special for me. And i got to see the sea. I’ve been craving to see the sea and hear the waves crushing. I’ve been craving to feel the wind since summer. I was just spending my whole time in our house. I only went out just to take care for my college’s requirements. The event was tiring and wonderful. Indeed, a well spent Sunday.


Weapon used:

Canon 1300d and kit lens

Editing process did in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS6

P.s: Thank you for taking your time reading this poorly made content (I’m talking about the paragraphs). It’s a rush. But really proud with the visual content. Special thanks to Rica Oh, for helping and joining me last Sunday’s photo walk. Until next time!

(Edited: 31st of July 2018)