when someone tells you that your biggest fuck up was probably for the best, don’t believe them.
Why Everyone Wants You To Fuck Up.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Hi, Jon! I read your article and I understand what you are saying…that could totally happen. But I do believe that the phrase above has another side to it. That’s something I would say, but not for the reasons you mention.

I would say it because we learn from our fuck-ups…and many times, we wouldn’t go further in life if it wasn’t for our fuck-ups (or other people’s fuck-ups in our lives). Of course it’s no fun and it’s painful, but it’s a growing pain. All the “fuck-ups” I’ve done in my life have taught me, shooken me, and helped me find my North Star. In retrospect, I don’t feel sorry for any of it…I honestly feel grateful for every “fuck-up”…it all makes sense now. So I welcome fuck-ups…

So depending on the context of your story (because I don’t know the details), I would probably tell you anyway, that your biggest fuck-up was probably for the best.

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