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I haven’t been writing for a while… Well, that’s not true. I haven’t been blogging for a while. I apologize for that. I have been able to compose a couple of songs and poems in the mean time… I’ll share those with you later on, I promise.

The reason for this is these past weeks have been a bumpy ride. Lots of things going on, one of them being the passing of one of my best friends, who is now officially my Guardian Angel (if you wish to read an inspiring post about one of my last visits with her, you can find it here). I appreciate your sentiment, but it’s ok. It is what it is. And she is better off now… she can finally rest.

But this brought about the realization of something I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of months to “mark” this new phase in my life that begun a year ago. So two Wednesday’s ago, I woke up knowing it was the day…I jumped on the spur of the moment and I got my second tattoo:

*My Stargazer Tattoo*

What does it mean? I’m glad you asked! Well, for starters, that I am a Stargazer. It’s not only my Grandmother’s favorite flower — and a very ugly fish that lives at the bottom of the sea — it’s also a “daydreamer” and one who ❤’s looking at the stars. That’s definitely me. I ❤ to look at the stars! And this year, in particular, I have learned quite a couple of things from them. The most important one being to never loose sight of my North Star, of who I really am, and of that destiny I am building.

It’s a reminder to stay true to myself, to always remember to put myself first — ‘cause I’m not too good at that sometimes — and to embrace and accept the reality of what is, without expectations, nor pre-determined ideas of how things should be. A reminder to understand people and situations empathically, from their reality, and accept everything as is (the rest is me arguing with life).

Being a Stargazer means to find inspiration in the mental clarity and freedom I get from this acceptance of things as they are, hence acting with love towards everything/body around me.

The name Stargazer was perfectly coined by Martha Beck in her book “Steering by Starlight” and she has an awesome description as to what a Stargazer is. I have combined her teachings with Byron Kathie’s “Love what is” philosophy, and other things I’ve learned and read along the way, to extract my personal understanding of what being a Stargazer is for me.

But to enlighten you further, here are some excerpts of “Steering by Starlight” I have jotted down in my journal, because I consider them highlights I need to remember.

EVERYTHING WRITTEN BELOW THIS LINE IS AN EXCERPT OF MARTHA BECK’S STEERING BY STARLIGHT… (I strongly recommend you buy her book for a complete understanding of her vision.)

[My comments will appear in brackets like this.]

STARGAZER: To Steer by Starlight is to…

  • Find direction and motivation in events that might have fuelled despair.
  • Have a willingness to switch from a purely material view of your life to a mystical one in a heartbeat, by switching to the part of the inner vision that can see in the dark… like pirates with eye-patches! [Did you know that pirates wore a patch over one eye to keep it dark-adapted outside? That way, when they engaged in a fight and had to suddenly go below the deck, they just lifted their eye patch and they could see perfectly in the dark.]
  • Cast the spell: “Thanks. I quit.” (You begin at the end with gratitude for the fulfillment of your best destiny, and you acknowledge that you aren’t trying to force your destiny to occur, by releasing any effortful, stressful o needy energy you might be expending.)
  • Allow the stars to align on your behalf rather than trying to align them yourself. (The attitude required is that of doing one’s best while leaving the issue to fate.)
  • To have the “gliding” ability, that when the solid ground is dropped from underneath, one is able to soar through the stars on sheer intuition.
  • Already know at heart what your life is meant to be.
  • Contemplate a Sky Full of Stars and see oneself shining bright.

“Once you join up with your true self, even in tiny, seemingly insignificant ways, you will live the rest of your days married to amazement. The stars will burn themselves out, to light your path.”

[NOTE TO SELF: My inner Stargazer brought me to where I am today. Deep inside, I new I was a Stargazer BEFORE I ever read this book. Since the beginning of last year (2015), “A Sky Full of Stars”, by Coldplay, has been my hymn. And this is exactly the interpretation I gave it: I found myself (united with myself) in a sky full of stars, and I knew I had to tear myself apart (walk through the ring of fire) and I didn’t care… I did it, I came out the other side, and life IS a heavenly view from here…]

“A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay on the Ghost Stories Tour

“The only way to the Place beyond Fear is to do the thing you fear most.”

This is how you surrender to your best destiny…

You know it’s gonna hurt, but there’s no other way… you can’t continue like that… you know you need to do this, so something better may come… just get on with it! Surrender ASAP…Walk through the ring of fire and let the fire burn…

[1 Year later: so renewed! so happy and glad I did it! Now I’m finally getting there, now I finally feel it!!! For real. The best is yet to come…]

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