Texts From My Uber Driver
Justin Cox 🍩

Yup…my city is small, kinda like a small town…and everybody knows everybody…at least they’ve seen you around if you are an entertainer.

One day, one uber driver who was also an entertainer kinda recognized me and we chatted like I do with all uber drivers…he asked me to like his fb page and follow his social media (no harm in that) and i did (you know, to support)… then later that night and the next following days i started getting whatsapp chats from him …????…. Who told you you could whatsapp me…everyday…serveral times a day? He didn’t stop until I told him I was having dinner with my sweetheart… he made it seem it was for something related to his entertainment work (right after I wrote that), but after that I didn’t hear from him again.

At least he stopped. But I didn’t want to be rude, cause like I say, here everybody knows everybody and you can hurt your public image (as an entertainer I mean)…besides, I’m not rude… not in my nature…

But I was very upset that he actually looked up my phone and whatsapped me constantly for 3 days!!! I didn’t give him permission to come close to me and enter my circle of trust by chatting me!!! I didn’t give him my number!!!! I felt it was rude, opportunist, and disrespectful.

I’ve heard that uber shows a different number to the driver, a conexion number, without revealing the real number… but then i’ve heard it doesn’t…even i can see my drivers number! Which has been helpful when I accideny leave stuff in the car, but I don’t harrass them!

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