Do what you hate…..

Weird. Probably discouraging from the beginning. But still. Now I’m going to encourage everybody reading this to do the completely opposite to what Steve Jobs would endorse you to engage in. Tonight you have to start doing what you absolutely hate. Not dislike. Not being unfond of. It must be necessary the hateful activity! So despicable from my side. I know. But just think for a brief moment about this… Tonight you’ll do what you hate and you’ll succeed in it because even smallest of the efforts matter and bring immediate results, and so, tomorrow you’ll finally manage to do something the thoughts of which made you feel delighted and glowing whenever you thought of it but that you never managed to embark on. Can you now imagine how euphoric you’d feel after breaking through the most detestable hustle in your life history?

What’s the trick you’ll ask me. Nothing too awkward to imagine.

Remember your childhood now. Flu. Cough. Runny nose. Grandma in the kitchen preparing for you a giant dose of warm milk with honey which in addition to the repellent honey smell will also have a skin being formed on top of the liquid. I personally always hated that milk! I still do. But then, try closing your eyes and imagine those juicy delicious strawberries with whipped cream that we all absolutely love. If you would’ve managed to break through that repellent taste of yesterday, you could’ve then surely appreciate more those strawberries of today. Per aspera ad astra.