Flipping Our Focus to Christ

My name is Erika Cullum. I am a college student at Lancaster Bible College studying Early Childhood Education. I have a passion for working with young children and Lord willing, I hope to be a second-grade teacher after I graduate college. Along with being a college student, I am also a Christian. Therefore, my writing will follow a biblical viewpoint and reflect the truth of Scriptures. I am currently taking a class called Christian Perspectives in which we are focusing on the aspect of sin in our culture. We have been discussing the book called Sex and Money by Paul Tripp. In this book, Tripp explains how society has become completely engrossed in sex and money. Our culture longs for pleasure and sex and money is where it has found its contentment and satisfaction.

In the first chapter of Tripp’s book, he discusses how sex and money have become a major problem in our society. These two things that were created by God were once beautiful but have become distorted by the fall. Every day we are constantly being faced with the sad reality of our fallen world. We hear of sex or money scandals in the news, we see how pornography is becoming more and more accessible to the sex-crazed teenage boy, and we discover that high school and college students are constantly being encouraged to acquire debt with the endless amount of unsolicited credit cards being forced their way. Our culture has made sex and money their god and Christians are beginning to feel the pressure of giving into this sinful nature. However, Tripp explains that although we may feel trapped, there is indeed a solution and it is Jesus Christ and His Word. He exhorts the reader to find lasting contentment there, because Christ “is willing, he is wise, he is able, and he will not forsake us in our time of need” (Tripp 22).

In the article above, Jon Bloom discusses how the distractions of this world are keeping us from putting our focus on God alone. Our attention is being shifted from God to things of lesser importance and these distractions are becoming idols to us. In the case of Tripp’s book, it is sex and money that is becoming our idols and turning us away from Christ. Therefore, we need to flip our focus back to Christ. Psalm 27:4 states, “One thing have I asked of the Lord, that I will seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.” We must guard ourselves from the pleasures of sex and money and instead seek after Christ. Our contentment should be found in Him, for He is the only One who can truly satisfy our needs.