Two years. Five letters.

  • there being numerous ways to complete the requirements
  • some of the requirements may already be completed from previous education or job experience
  • access to funding
  • time available to consistently pursue it
  • the requirements changing while in pursuit
  • learned about lactation as a profession: September 2018
  • signed up with LER to start lactation education: October 2018
  • became a full time WIC Peer Counselor April 2019
Image of poster board I used to visually stay motivated.
  • Pros: online, self paced, no out of pocket expense to start and quick turnaround on reimbursement for testing, rolling start date
  • Cons: may not be a great fit for those who don’t test well or those who need a group or class setting
  • Audit verification provided: ACE credit
  • Pros: The Professor was thorough and engaging, there were quizzes and exams, no delay in getting proof of completion, lower out of pocket compared to traditional college course
  • Cons: self paced, can be challenging to stay motivated, limited time to complete before it could potentially be expensive, rolling start date
  • Audit verification provided: ACE credit
  • Pros: one of the options covered multiple IBLCE requirements, self paced, rolling start date, price point
  • Cons: no live recording (video or audio) or interactive slides, heavy concepts, daunting to push through completing, at the time in 2020 the ABC awards were delayed being mailed due the pandemic, automated completion of course email insufficient proof for audit
  • Audit verification provided: ABC awards (comparable to ACE credits)
  • Occupational Safety & Security for Health Professionals
  • Professional Ethics for Health Professional
  • Universal Safety Precautions and Infection Control
  • initial $975 investment from my older brother and sister in law
  • Terry Jo Curtis Scholarship to cover $66o IBLCE exam fee from the Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition
  • my WIC job offered tuition reimbursement for some of the health science courses and access to study materials, conferences for lactation education all for free
  • portions of my tax returns and the initial stimulus check



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Erika Dudley, IBCLC, CBS

Erika Dudley, IBCLC, CBS

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Owner of Enriched Lactation based out of Indiana and Host/Producer of the Leveling Up In Lactation Podcast