The Delusional Tea Party Left: Damaged and Dangerous
S. Novi

While this is really beating a dead horse, I really must comment on this screed. Let me say first that I was a Hillary supporter, and was aghast at how rabid Bernie’s supporters became. But to call Bernie Sanders an extreme leftist is really demonizing him. He is old-fashioned socialist, but so are many, many people in many well-functioning, democratic countries around the world. If the Democratic Party cannot figure out a way to embrace some of the ideas that so inspired Bernie supporters and to recognize that young people are just not interested in old-fashioned Democratic Party procedures, then the Democrats are never going to figure out how to win anything. This same situation caused Macron to win in France, and caused Corbyn to get more support than the Tories had anticipated in the U.K. Instead of demonizing what you call the “Tea Party Left”, look at what inspired so many people, and see if there is a way to incorporate any of these ideas into the NEW Democratic Party!