Complete anarchists ruling the country

but Archive your history before it’s erased-

Eradication of your races and origins are our enemy-


We have contributed to political vacuums in third world


Strayed far from our homelands in hopes of prosperity-

Everyone wants a piece of the pie but there are too many

to feed.

So who are the survivors, the rich or the thieves?

Who gets caught in between?

Modesty is postmarked as a sign for the weak-

Gain is attained by true navigation through murky waters,

and wars are fought to hold claim to what is a fight not given

but fought forthright.

Birthrights are not free- laying claim to battles won before your birth.

But the goal is to not only mark your own path

but do justice for those who fought for your rights,

Rights freely given and everything BUT

an afterthought.

So apathy won’t cut it, sheer intellect is dry.

Remain grateful, be humble

Stumble not-

This is our time-

For my generation to draw up the shades, not hide from the day

And bring light to the pain that our

busy work days successfully have

led us astray.