Don’t be afraid, wherever you Go,

judgment follows your footsteps, no matter how low

Karmic debt forgiven, new sin developed

How do we cleanse ourselves with human flaws-

What do we Owe?

Characteristics, clawed at the enemy, but

take note and be Kind

learn tricks but don’t fall to trickery. Where witchery

may seem simple and quick-

you are playing with fire, welcoming evil into your head

And your mind ceases to perform in Unison with your heart

and Frozen in time you become…

Brittle you break, flakes of jealousy arise

Dispassionate anger chip at your soul-

Until you become ashes stored away in a coffin

if you’re lucky-

or a new body if you’re not.

Is this the life we want? The one we were given?

Or was that just the luck of the draw

Until we learn how to fall

Landing gracefully, backwards, arms crossed

into Trusted hands,

a new border formed-

a Newfoundland made for your passing soul to live

Peace but a moment of silence lived.

The present moment a gift given over and over

until it’s the end.

Create barriers forbidden, love not only your lovers

but also your foes

Tip toe on earth, life always keeps you on your toes.