Hands tied behind your back,

laid straight

Butt down, breasts up

Facing the stars or the moon,

sun showers you Urge for, but

Energy surges through your veins-

synergy energizing your deadened taste buds

Alive you feel, but asleep you beg for.

Work knows no limits in the world of the Capitalist

and restraint is not given in the life of the Enlightened —

but what if you are caught in the brush fires,

where do you turn?

Inward is the journey, but befriending kindred spirits in the

souls of your fellow wanderers,

friends of this age and ages past-

but linger not on the past and don’t dwell on the future-

stay focused, remain grateful

Calm stillness brings solutions asked for in times of Crisis

so fear Not, your soul is not sold to those who hold it captive

to the highest bidder,

You’re here for a short while, so make it priceless.

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