Fortune cookie

  1. Pick your nose and watch it grow, if you don’t you’ll never know. A quick snack may be just for show, but if you don’t you’ll feel so low. Peacock feathers they shine so bright, colors of blues and greens flash such a light. Dance and entrance, seduce but deny. Shake your tail feather and hear that war cry.
  2. The wood ferries chirping, wake up from yours slumber. Tumble down the hill you do fall, but don’t be afraid. You will not be able to stall. Fallen to a garden of roses, they turn to ashes in your hands, but throw up your palms and do a handstand.
  3. A shift in perspective is all you need, your rags turn to riches, planted like a seed. But heed the advice given on your journey, those shadows they are but only lurking. Don’t sulk or don’t fret, your true love will come, you can bet.
  4. Look at your reflection, what do you see? Beauty or scars underneath your feet. The devil is in the details, the dust under your shoes. So shake off the devil before it’s too soon.
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