Why you should quit your job and travel now
Jessica Yurasek

My Husband and I startet traveling being 28 (me) and 37 . That was in 1973. 
We left Jobs, Family behind and went by car through Africa. That time there was little information (No Internet, No GPS, no Cellphones etc ) We enjoyed traveling very much every day was an adventure . But we always regretted to start to late. There was the feeling: could we only have done it at least 10 Years earlier. Anyway we got stuck in Southern Africa: the money was finished, we had to work, we found new friends and started living a very normal live. 
In 1989 we went back to Europe, to start all over again. That time it was much more difficult moving again, leaving everything behind. But we managed and now, looking back, I still think: one should start traveling as Young as possible.