When a Masters Degree just isn’t Enough

There was a time when a simple Degree was such a distinction that you wouldn’t simply be unemployed after graduating. You would actually get hired while studying. According to the World Employment Social Outlook published in 2017 by the International Labour Organization (can be found here) global unemployment is expected to rise by 3.4 million in 2017. And while the global unemployment rate is expected to hold relatively steady in 2018, the pace of labour force growth (i.e. those in search of employment) will outstrip job creation, resulting in an additional 2.7 million unemployed people globally.

I have grown up believing in the statement that education can change anything. But after studying a Bachelor of International Relations in Brazil and a Master of International Business in USA and learning my whole life 3 languages I am still struggling to find a good job. And believe me, I am not asking too much money, or a position I am not qualified for — like Manager, Director, etc. But I am not willing to be hired for positions where it seems I can never apply what I have learned at school. I want to get a job and I want one that is challenging and exciting at the same time. While checking Job Boards I have seen so many tech positions that look so different from everything I have done during my Internships and honestly, they make my eyes shine. Then I thought: should I take another Masters or start again and take another Bachelors?

That’s the first reason why I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

I got in touch with Digital Marketing while studying in USA, where I had the opportunity to see so many technological things I have never seen before. I come from Brazil, a country that still struggles with technology. Before living abroad I thought that Marketing was Sales and Information Technology was fixing computers. And after I realized what I could achieve through analytics and Digital Marketing I wanted to work with it so badly that I started to take all the courses that I saw online. Meanwhile I added those Online Courses on my resume, better opportunities of interviews started to appear, but still, the problem was always “We need someone with a few years of practical experience”…

That was when I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program. When I saw the opportunity to learn together with practicing in the same place I did not think twice. Indeed, I have already studied AdWords (I even got Google Certifications) email marketing, social media marketing BUT nothing was like this time. All the external resources, sites recommendations and the experience to be here — as you can see — putting my hands on practice is already worth the price paid. Plus, interviews are coming and getting better and better. For the first time, I am going to interviews I would never guess I would be called for. I am felling so confident with my skills, that I have started working on some Freelance Projects and I have been applying everyday the resources I have been learning.

Soon, I hope to be thanking Udacity for helping me to get my dream job. For now, I couldn’t be happier with all this learning experience. In the future, I can’t wait to see what is awaiting me there!

Pictures taken from Unsplash.