A Freshmen’s Perspective: College and Athletics

Take a look at what college is like for a freshman athlete. Aidan Tank shares what college has been like at his first term in college.

  1. How has the transition been from home to college?

The transition has been fine. I’m not really home sick, I haven’t been crying and calling my mom saying I need to go home, so that’s good.

2. How is practicing with the SOU track team as a freshman?

Track is hard. I’m not use to doing that much, but overall it’s good. In the end it will be better for me. I did’t try in high school for track. I just kind of showed up to meets and I ran fast so they didn’t kick me off the team. Now I can’t do that so I have to show up everyday both mentally and physical. At first it was really hard and I was dying and I still am dying during the workouts, but so is everyone else so we’re at the same level now.

3. How do you like the track team here at SOU?

The team is definitely way better. At Elk Groove High School you were there for yourself and then you left. You had friends on the team and everything but not like this. I hung out with my friends on the team but here everyone hangs out together and we have a group chat. Everyone likes each other in high school people didn’t like each other.

4. What is your favorite college memory so far?

Probably eating at Great American Pizza Company (GAPCO). My friends and I ate at the Hawk for around seven weeks because we didn’t know that GAPCO existed and one night we were like “we need to stop eating here.” So we went to the pizza place and it was amazing. They put the pepperoni under the cheese. I don’t know why but it makes that so much better.

5. How is the SOU dining?

So the first time I visited here it was amazing but I visited here for two days on a recruitment trip. So I left and I came back and it was so good. Then I came here for school and the first week it was really good and then all of a sudden we hit the weekend, when everyone apparently goes home expect me, and they make one thing every five hours and it’s not even good.

While there are some things that Tank enjoys about being at Southern Oregon University there are others that Tank isn’t too happy about. But Tank is enjoying his first year as a college student.