Netizens Show Frustration Towards #PrayforFlorida

While hashtag #PrayforFlorida gained traction due to Hurricane Matthew, many are outraged by the lack of concern for Haiti and the Bahamas.

Hurricane Matthew has claimed eighteen lives in the U.S. Comparatively, Haiti’s death toll has reached nearly 900.

While many are concerned for residents of U.S. coastal states, others are frustrated by the lack of concern for Haiti and its people.

And they have turned to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

According to an article written by Society, even Floridians are telling people to focus their attention on countries such as Haiti and the Bahamas due to the fact that they have less of an opportunity to protect themselves than a first-world country can.

6th Dynasty Media went as far as comparing Hurricane Matthew to the terrorist bombings in Paris, France just last year. When the incident in Paris occurred, millions of people changed their Facebook profile picture to the French flag in support, yet nothing similar has happened with Haiti.

Citizens in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas still face a battle with Hurricane Matthew despite its downgrade to a Category One storm. Forecasters still expect high winds and heavy rainfall.

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