Even routine medical testing can create a lot of anxiety. Here’s how to stay calm.

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As access to testing has increased and roughly 750,000 Americans per day line up for a Covid-19 test, wait times for results have climbed up to two weeks in many places — and more people than ever may be experiencing test result anxiety, experts say.

Even before the pandemic, plenty of studies have found that waiting for medical test results can cause psychological stress. In a 2017 study evaluating emotional state among patients waiting for imaging results, 45% of respondents reported experiencing an emotional change as a result of waiting for testing results. …

They’re in higher demand than ever — and dealing with many of the same stressors as their patients

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During a recent therapy session, Boston-based psychiatrist Cecil Webster, Jr., MD, had to answer a seemingly impossible question. His patient, a 9-year-old Black boy, asked him: “Will white people be afraid of me when I grow up?”

“As a therapist and as a Black man, how are you supposed to answer that?” Webster asks. He’s been providing therapy and medication management to adults, adolescents, and children — most of them Black — for eight years. But over the past few weeks, the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and the resulting protests have led to a noteworthy…

Racism is a public health crisis. These organizations are here to help.

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Racism is a public health crisis. These were the words of Michelle Williams, dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in an op-ed she co-wrote in early June in response to the death of George Floyd. There are numerous connections between racism and negative health outcomes for Black people. Specifically, research has shown a connection between incidents of police violence and adverse mental health among Black Americans. …

The heightened awareness of racism and impact of Covid-19 reveal a bigger workplace division between Black and White employees

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A few days after my company moved to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my boss decided to implement a daily team call via Zoom. Beyond the inherent annoyance associated with a daily hour-long call, I started noticing that I would be in an extreme funk for hours after the meeting. It took a few weeks to realize that I, the sole Black member of my team, was having a much different quarantine experience than my co-workers. For them, it seemed to be a minor inconvenience. Some people talked about the upside of having more time to spend…

Coronavirus exacerbated already existing racial health disparities. Here’s what needs to be done.

A photo from the back of a black man wearing a face mask looking out his window.
A photo from the back of a black man wearing a face mask looking out his window.
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As Covid-19 infections continue spreading across the country, it’s become clear that the burden of coronavirus is not being felt equally across racial lines. According to CDC data on Covid-19 hospitalization during the month of March, 33% of hospitalized patients were black despite only being 18% of the surveyed population. And a recent preprint study from Yale School of Medicine found that blacks had a 3.57 times higher risk of dying from Covid-19 than whites. For Latinos, the risk was 1.88 times higher.

It’s been noted that Blacks and Latinos are more likely to be essential workers, which means they…

Illustration: Dani Pendergast

The Burnout Effect

The need to be everything to everyone is causing chronic stress. Here’s how to put yourself first while managing life at work and home.

This story is a part of The Burnout Effect, ZORA’s look at the pressures to perform and produce in an already chaotic world.

In 2009, Lisa,* then age 23, landed in the hospital due to a series of health issues caused by chronic stress. After some testing, her neurologist delivered startling news.

“You’ll be dead by 26.”

She wasn’t expecting to hear those words several months after celebrating her new job as a manager overseeing 13 rental car locations in New York City. Lisa felt fortunate to secure the position, especially as a new college graduate during the tumultuous 2008…

The congressional candidate speaks out on her preventative measure and breast cancer among Black women

A photo of Maya Rockeymoore Cummings.
A photo of Maya Rockeymoore Cummings.
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You may be familiar with the statistic that one in eight women will face a breast cancer diagnosis during her lifetime. That figure has even greater consequences for Black women in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Black women are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer as compared to White women and are more likely to be diagnosed at an early age and when the cancer is at an advanced stage. …

First your boss loves you, then they dislike you. Here’s how Black women can manage the icy transition.

Illustration: Ojima Abalaka

When I started my first job as an attorney eight years ago, I was full of excitement. I had managed to secure the position despite a significant reduction in entry level positions due to the 2009 financial crisis. The summer before landing my role, I was an intern at the firm, where I researched case law and was showered with lush perks like tickets to the Tony awards and front row seats to the NBA draft. Those perks continued in my full-time role, a position that paid more than I — or frankly anyone in my family — had ever…

A new stationary bike claims that by using artificial intelligence, it can deliver the same benefits of a 45-minute workout in less than nine

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Like many busy professionals, my best intentions for maintaining a regular exercise routine often fall short. I struggle to fit a 45- or 60- minute class into an already packed schedule. That’s why I was intrigued by the CAR.O.L, a new high intensity interval training (HIIT) stationary bike that claims to deliver the same benefits of a 45-minute workout in less than nine minutes.

HITT is a form of exercise where an individual alternates between short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. While a typical HITT class includes bursts of cardio — sometimes just 30 seconds…

ADAPT is one of the first clinics in the world to provide psychiatric genetic counseling to people with a family history of mental illness

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Victoria Maxwell was no stranger to mental illness when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and psychosis at age 25. Her mother had bipolar depression, and when Maxwell was a child she remembers her mom as anxious and depressed, sometimes to the point of feeling suicidal. “I walked around on eggshells so I didn’t set my mother off,” she says. Soon after Maxwell received her own diagnosis, she was hospitalized for running down the street naked during a period of psychosis. She was eventually hospitalized three more times, and says she struggled to come to terms with the fact…

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