A litty bitty about me

What’s good you guys! So I was catching up with a friend of mine studying abroad and she convinced me to start one of these…so here I am. As I’m not usually a writer.. I’m here to try it out and see how it makes me feel. I’m choosing to make it anonymous because 1) I want to be able to freely write and share. 2) I’m not a very good writer so I’m lowkey embarassed to get judged lol so hope it’s cool with you all.

So a litty bitty about myself is that:

  • I am a college student so most days are a constant struggle and lack of sleep is just a way of life. Cooking for myself is something I try to do, but when the week gets hectic usually around Hump Day you’ll catch me at Chipotle.
  • I’m majoring in the deathly Biological Sciences and what I’ve learned is that there is not one day that you can EVER STOP STUDYING. There’s always homework no matter when you feel like you’ve done what you have to for the day… you’re still behind. TRUST.
  • Chegg is a great investment.
  • Something else about being a Bio Sci major that I recently learned this year is that you literally have to skip some lectures just to study for a midterm/quiz… or you have to sacrifice something whether it be multiple assignments due in a week or maybe two midterms in a single day (RIP).
  • Also, sometimes no matter how hard you could possibly study… you can barely manage to get the average. A sad reality.
  • I’m still trying to find something I’m passionate about (I know it’s not medical school cause it would have been clear to me by now and the real med school bound students are super gung ho about it…) and it seems like I’m leaning towards Immunology after a pretty eye-opening experience in Taiwan this past Winter (but that’s a whole new story).
  • Aside from the academia part of school, I consider myself a pretty social individual and I genuinely love meeting new people and being involved on campus. I’m also a huge derp, a quirky soul, and really enjoy random Facebook videos that my friends tag me in.
  • Most people that know me call me a flake, but it’s not because I want to be, but because LIFE. It’s so hard to clearly explain, but basically I’ll make plans with someone and then something I didn’t expect will come up or I realize that I have to prioritize something or else I’m gonna be screwed. So literally LIFE is my reason for flaking 95% of the time. The other 5% oddly is that sometimes I just don’t feel like it… or I actually feel nervous about hanging with that person. Idk super weird huh?
  • I live and die by my Google Calendar. I recently discovered this amazingness this year and my life has truly been changed for the better. My Google Calendar is generally very packed and very colorful, but that’s literally a representation of me and my life. Make one if you haven’t already!
  • Pinterest and pinning on my boards calms me down. I have over 6K pins. I don’t know if this is an achievement or if this means I’m crazy.
  • I have a lot of clothes, but never know what to wear and end up wearing the same kinds of outfits.
  • I try to be fashion and buy cool, hip, trendy clothes, but I feel basic and normal most of the time.
  • I have a foodstagram with my best friend.
  • I’ve been trying to workout because it makes me feel good and motivated, but then when I get busy and stressed I don’t have time to hit the gym, which makes me even more stressed that I haven’t gymmed in awhile if you get what I mean…
  • Terrible texter.
  • Sweet tooth AF.
  • Get along much better with my guy friends and have few close girl friends.
  • Somewhere I’m dying to visit: Australia!!
  • OH! You might be wondering why Lola? Lola is my Spanish name given to me by my high school teacher. Throwback to the days when I was actually good at Spanish.
  • Also, my icon? Corgi love. Ever since Corgi Beach Day (aka Dog Heaven) I’ve always wanted a corgi so I can just squeeze that cute little booty.

Anyway thanks for reading my first ever post and getting to know me! I actually really liked typing on this forum and I’ll try my best to keep to it. It’s pretty therapeutic actually… I hope to use this space as a place where I can just talk and do me.

Big hug, Little kiss. Little hug, Big kiss.