When you force people to stay in, you have to give them something to do. Your book is something you can offer them

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Almost two weeks ago, Italy woke up in the middle of a lock-down caused by the spreading of Covid-19. Besides the understandable fear for my parents and family that live in the middle of the red zone, I noticed something I never witnessed on Facebook and social network: all writers — and artists in general — were united in doing something for people forced to stay home.

What can do a person forced to stay home? Binge-watch movies and tv shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, cook pasta and pizza — yes, Italians do it a lot, trust me —…

When you publish a book, you discover it’s harder to sell to your closest friends than to a stranger

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The first time I published a novel, I counted on my fingers how many relatives and friends I could ask to buy my book when it would come out. Well, I thought that at least one hundred people would help me. I had tons of cousins, a bunch of friends in real life — and on Facebook — and I had a pretty good relationship with them. If I asked, I could convince them to ask just to one of their closest friends to buy my novel, and I was entirely in line with my plan.

It didn’t go as…

I woke up one day, I was thirty, and I realized my life sucked. I had to do something

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I know what you are thinking: a lot of people wake up every day feeling their life sucks, but they don’t write a post about it. Fair enough, but I turned my life upside down, and I regret nothing, so I thought I could share something I learned during the process.

Since I was a child, I was good with numbers. Math in elementary and middle school was easy for me, everyone spent a lot of compliments about my grades, but my first real love was books and literature. …

Writing a good novel is not enough. Being a self-published author means that you have to do everything a publisher does too

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You have an excellent idea for a novel; you have the skills to write a perfect book, and you are ready to put your heart out there. Okay, you have done the first step, what’s next?

Before contemplating whether to publish with a traditional publisher or self-publish, you have to consider one thing that is not so obvious: money.

Do you have the budget to self-publish?

I see a common misconception regarding self-publishing: many people think it’s free or very cheap. Let’s go deep inside the expenses you have to face if you decide to publish on your own.


If you had read just a few articles…

The things I regret about my relationship with my little brother

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I was five when I started to annoy my parents. I wanted a dog. We lived in the countryside, everyone around us had a dog. I wanted one. I wanted to be like my friends at school.

I got a little brother instead.

In the beginning, I couldn’t understand what they were showing me. “A little brother? What am I supposed to do with him? Can we eat him?” Yes, I asked my mom if we could eat my brother. He was not a puppy, he was stealing my mom’s attention, and he screamed — a lot. …

When my fiancé died, I couldn’t choose when to stop grieving him.

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I was 24 when I received the call nobody wants to hear: the man I was planning to spend the rest of my life with, was dead. That was the moment when I discovered the real meaning of “broken heart.” The pain that I felt in my chest that exact instant was so intense I thought I was going to pass out.

The good news was, I didn’t pass out, and the pain lasted a few seconds. The bad news was, I was furious with him.

I knew that was an odd, irrational feeling, but I was mad at him…

Erika Vanzin

Wife, proud auntie, immigrant, 10+ novels author, “be kind” advocate, plant lover but can kill any plant in less than one week.

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