I’m Asian American, and I want to give people the benefit of the doubt. But at what cost?

A photo taken by the writer of a protest in Idaho for Black Lives Matter.

My photographer and I were called in to work three hours earlier than usual to cover a Black Lives Matter protest at the Idaho State Capitol. Just a week ago, we covered another Black Lives Matter protest at the same place.

A group of protesters were on the top of…

I’m sitting in my apartment in Boise, Idaho. I look at the cheap, flimsy furniture that I bought from Walmart. I remember thinking well, there’s no use in investing in West Elm if I’m not even going to be here for long.

Three months later, I guess I’m staying here…

I remember slamming the door in my mom’s face when I was younger whenever she came in without asking. It wasn’t because I didn’t love her or didn’t want to see her, but it was because she always had an agenda. There was always something to criticize, another reason why…

Erika Lee

LA native, journalist | tweet me @erikaleetv

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