a re-introduction

i’m erika (she/they). these are some thoughts about the beliefs, principles, practices, frameworks, && energies that guide and shape how i show up in the world and in work. i’m a fluid, evolving, practicing being, and this is where i’m at now.

i am a design strategist — i work with people and teams to shape decisions, experiences, tools, processes, and practices, rooted in liberation from oppression.

i am a movement artist — dance is my primary art form; i use my bodies [physical; energetic; emotional; intellectual; intuitive; spiritual; ancestral] to shape communication and sensation, with emphasis on subverting and disrupting dominant power. …

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Time for a remix. Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

As we come up on facilitating our first in-person workshop (coming soon in online format!), and as we come up on 2020, we’ve been talking about, thinking about, and planning about goals. A lot.

I’ve never been much of a New Year’s Resolutions person, and perhaps more relevantly, I’ve never really identified as a goal-oriented person. I feel like I’ve grown allergic to the SMART Goals framework over time and have always felt overwhelmed by the idea of setting and reaching goals.

I may do a decent job covering for it, because I’ve been conditioned to perform the goal-setting and goal-achieving dance, but I’ve never really felt connected to or invested in goals. Goals have often felt externally-imposed; goals would be set for me by people in positions of power or authority, or I’d look like I’d be setting goals for myself but they were goals based on what I thought was expected of me. …

Late last month, we held our first Deep Dive — a full day focused on dreaming and generating content that we’d like to offer through Next World Teams. We intend to hold monthly Deep Dives as we clarify and build what we do and how we do it.

Centering and Recentering

We opened the morning with two check in questions: How are we doing? What are we each looking forward to, and what are we each nervous about?

Our goals for the Deep Dive were to:

  1. generate ideas for content we’d like to offer;
  2. prioritize those ideas; and
  3. begin to create specific content.

Before jumping into ideation, we first centered on some core questions we’d been discussing as a team: Where do we want to begin? …


erika harano

independent designer + educator + facilitator. designing meaningful, multimodal experiences that inspire critical thought and action. www.erikaharano.com

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