19 things to learn in my new crowdfunding course (well, more of a workshop)

Hi, my name is Arik, and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Mimoona, a leading Israeli crowdfunding platform, I have worked with thousands of crowdfunders so far, helping them raise millions of $.

I also created SonyaBot, the first crowdfunding bot (see VentureBeat). After giving many lectures and workshops in the past 5 years, I have decided to launch a Udemy crowdfunding course: “Learn Crowdfunding Skills: Join the Fully-Funded Club”.

This is what I teach in the course:

  1. General intro for the crowdfunding world.
  2. How crowdfunding platforms think: I bring a unique view here as the founder and operator of a crowdfunding platform. For example, how crowdfunding platforms screen projects.
  3. Important decisions you need to make before you submit your crowdfunding campaign.
  4. How to make a good video for your project.
  5. What to write in the campaign description and how to set the perks.
  6. I go over a case study which I shortly reviewed here.
  7. The most important thing about a crowdfunding campaign is that crowdfunding platforms are not like Kayak or eBay.
  8. Friend and Family marketing.
  9. Free Facebook marketing.
  10. Extensive lesson on email marketing including Mailchimp lesson.
  11. Market your crowdfunding project via Twitter.
  12. Market your crowdfunding project via Linkedin.
  13. Promote your campaign on Reddit.
  14. Promote you campaign on ProductHunt (if you have a good project I can hunt it, there is a submission form in the course).
  15. Paid promotion of your crowdfunding project (Facebook, Taboola/Outbrain, and one company for high scale crowdfunding projects that brings amazing results).
  16. How to get others to promote your crowdfunding project (affiliate marketing).
  17. A comprehensive DIY PR guide including email examples that got me featured on TechCrunch, EliteDaily and more.
  18. YouTube promotion (including a FameBit Tutorial).
  19. A lesson about SonyaBot, the first crowdfunding consultant bot, and how it can help you with your crowdfunding efforts.

In this crowdfunding course I also give access to SonyaBot and to a perk-bank I created for music, film and publishing related crowdfunding projects. Since it’s more than a course (it’s a community), I also review students’ crowdfunding projects before they go live and share with the course’s community a screen-cast so everyone can learn and share feedback.

This course can brings lots of value (translated to $) to crowdfunders, and it has a 30 days money back guarantee policy.