Erik Brown
Nov 25 · 1 min read

It still is a crapshoot. After over a year on this platform, I still have no idea what will do well.

I also do republish. My general formula is to wait at least 2 months. It doesn’t matter if the work was curated or not. I sometimes do change it or reformat it. The title may change a bit. On average though, I’ve been grabbing stories that are in about the 4–6 month range.

It’s not surprising to see different results. One story I just did republish got near 50 fans. The original was about 2–3 minutes longer and got over 100. But, that occurred over months — the new version did about 50 in the span of days.

I also copy and paste out of previous articles if there is something relevant in there and put it in a new piece.

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