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Jan 9 · 2 min read


You’re putting the finger on something that is much greater than our own time. Humanity has never known itself, maybe it never will.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks would make pilgrimages to the Oracle at Delphi. Great Greek thinkers, rulers, and nobles would make it a habit to ask the Oracle’s advice before undertaking a great decision.

In the courtyard of the Oracle was stone that had etched into it aphorisms that came directly from the Oracle. The prime aphorism that was mentioned most was “know thyself”. The philosophers of that day would speak relentlessly about this concept.

You would think yourself would be the easiest person to know — afterall all you spend the most time in your life with this person. You already know that’s completely incorrect. The ancient Greek philosophers knew it too and wrote about it constantly.

This isn’t just a problem of our time, it’s a problem of all times. Since mankind has been able to think and conceptualize, it hasn’t known itself. This was the ancient Greek philosophers’ mission. It’s our mission as well.

The thing that really sucks, is that once you think you finally know yourself, things change. This mission is never-ending. As you can also see, it’s existed forever, so it’ll likely never be solved.

This is just another daily ritual that needs to be performed — a maintenance of sorts. You’ll continually need to work on knowing yourself. Thousands of years after you and I are both gone, humans will likely still be seeking to “know thyself”. Don’t take it personally or as any kind of failure on your part when it happens, it’s just what us humans do — not knowing ourselves.

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