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Jan 10 · 1 min read


Thanks for the kind words and reading my article. Sometimes when you write things and post them, you wonder if they just float off into a black hole. It’s good to see someone is actually reading and getting something out of them

I heard about Mike Abrashoff on a random podcast. When I heard his story, it was the epitome of leadership. I also heard about the Eagle’s offensive line coach using his ideas. After I heard this, I was sold and did some research. He’s a fascinating character and it made me want to write about him.

That point of making everyone a stakeholder in the team is a total game changer. You can see how desperately many organizations need thinking like this. Many people feel like they’re just spokes in a wheel that doesn’t care about them. No wonder organizations like this have subpar performance.

Just that little bit of an effort to make them feel like a stakeholder is so beneficial for the organization and the individual worker. It’s the difference between an employee who does the bare minimum and a partner who takes on responsibility.

Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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