The lifelong pursuit of a mind-body skill is the path.

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“Dō expresses progress in the practice of an art, whatever it may be. Indeed, the kanji is particularly used in traditional Japanese arts, whether martial arts or aesthetic arts. So kado 花道, is ‘the way of flowers’, that is, the art of flower arranging... Shodo 書道, ‘the way of writing’, is the art of calligraphy. Kyudo 弓道 is ‘the way of the bow’, or Japanese archery. And kendo 剣道, the martial art using bamboo swords, is ‘the way of the sword’. Some words also refer to religious or philosophical doctrines, such as Shinto, literally ‘the way of god’”.

The Japan…

It wasn’t just an iceberg that led to the infamous tragedy

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Titanic leaving Southampton. Photo: F.G.O. Stuart

Most people know the story of the Titanic—a massive luxury liner deemed the “unsinkable” ship. At the time of its completion, the Titanic was the largest man-made moving object on earth. The company building the ship was so sure it wouldn’t sink, they didn’t include enough lifeboats for all the passengers. Of course the ship wasn’t what it was advertised to be and sunk after hitting an iceberg. Approximately 1,500 people were lost with the ship, including many prominent citizens from multiple nations.

It’s an event known throughout history, a real-life event with the plot of a movie. In fact, one of the biggest movies ever made revolved around this tragedy. This disaster took place over 100 years ago and the name of the ship is still part of our common vocabulary. …

It happened right on the East Coast of North America

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Halifax Explosion Commemorative Stamp — Canadian Post Office Website

“Chebucto School was turned into a morgue. I can remember seeing low sleighs piled high with the load covered with tarpaulin. …


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