I’m a big believer in heuristics — quick rules of thumb that apply across a wide variety of situations.

For designers, heuristics are literally a superpower.

There’s certain phrases, rules, and ideas that — if you always keep them in mind, you’ll quickly become a MUCH better designer.

I’m going…

Improve your app’s usability without a major research initiative

This is my advice on improving the UX of your designs WITHOUT hours of user research sessions, paper prototyping playtime, or any other trendy UX buzzwords.

(Seriously, search “design thinking”. 0 results. Nailed it!)

Who’s this article for? I’m looking at you:

  • Developers. You created your own app, but every…

Erik D. Kennedy

Staying hungry, staying foolish, and getting stuff done. Independent UX/UI Designer. Teaches at http://LearnUI.Design

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