The World’s Largest Pac-Man Game in Gatlinburg

Be sure to watch the end of the video to find out how you can earn a $4 off coupon to see Impossibilities at the Iris Theater by playing the World’s Largest Pac-Man game at the Arcadia in the Gatlinburg Space Needle!

It’s the Master Mentalist Erik Dobell and the Magical Comedian Chris Collins and we are Impossibilities!

And we are really excited because the Arcadia; located in the Gatlinburg Space Needle, has recently purchased the WORLD’S LARGEST PAC-MAN MACHINE!

So we thought it would be fun for Chris Collins to play Pac-Man and see if Erik Dobell can beat his score with a very special stipulation.

1:20 Chris plays Pac-Man
2:15 Erik reveals his special stipulation
3:05 Erik plays Pac-Man
3:54 and the winner is!
4:33 find out how you can get a $4 off coupon for Impossibilities at the Iris Theater by playing the World’s Largest Pac-Man game!
5:07 Macho Erik is the Cream of the Crop

#Pac-Man Facts
Pac-Man was originally inspired by comic book characters Popeye and Casper the Friendly Ghost.

The first Pac-Man machine was installed in Tokyo in 1980.

The highest possible Pac-Man score is 3,333,360.

The Ghosts in Pac-Man don’t roam randomly. Each Ghost has its own unique algorithm.

Pac-Man is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Most Successful Coin Game.

The FIRST playable female character in a video game was Ms. Pac-Man.


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