I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

Here’s the real story. Police were called to the scene regarding an individual who was being aggressive at passersby, swinging his walking sticks at them, and wandering in and out of heavy traffic on Market St.

Police arrived and asked him to get out of traffic to which he replied “I don’t care if I get hit by a car!” Due to the subject being a clear danger to himself and others, the officers decided to place him on a mental health detention per 5150 of the Health and Safety Code.

The officers detained the man without injuring him or others in a volatile situation. After the man was handcuffed he attempted to swing his metal prosthetic leg at officers and bite them.

This entire incident could have been handled by the initial officers, but you can see them watch the crowd of angry people gather and call in more cops both for their safety and the safety of the man detained.

This is actually a great training video for law enforcement in different areas that may not have to deal with the mentally ill, AMS (altered mental state due to narcotics), and angry crowds on as regular a basis as the SFPD does.

The SFPD acts with extreme professionalism in the face of hatred and ignorance in this situation. Notice how not one cop takes the bait of the “journalist.”