Dear Snapchat…

A honest message for Snap Inc.

Erik Fiala
Nov 7, 2016 · 1 min read

I cannot resist to comment on the topic of Spectacles. It was bothering me since I’ve heard about this product of yours.

Why are you naming your second product so… I mean why are you naming it this way? Why weakening the brand instead of strenghtening?

Spectacles? No…


Making your word base a standard would be very beneficial in terms of recognition and the Snap brand would get much stronger.

Consider renaming it… or just don’t. Anyway — those are only my thoughts and they don’t matter all that much. 😊

Thank you for your time and if you’d like to share some insights on this topic, just drop me a comment down below. Hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you in the next one!


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