Don’t waste YOUR time!

Spent 3 hours travelling to and from work every single weekday for one year.

Erik Fiala
Nov 1, 2016 · 2 min read

ALERT: Only time-wasters can relate to this. If you’re not a time-waster, this post probably isn’t for you. 🤔

A problem, which bothers me for quite a long time — time waste. I just hate wasting my time on things, which take more than they give. One of these things is travelling. I mean… I love travelling. But how can I love something, what became stereotype and seems so shallow, even empty?

Maybe you’re answering this question to you already: ’’You could take out your laptop and do something productive, e.g. designing, learning new stuff, or even watch a movie.’’ Yes. I could do it, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing it in train, while 5 people around me stare into my screen (Yeah… they are staring into my screen right now.), but more importantly — I do not want all these things to become stereotype too. 😔

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Alright. Let’s stop this melancholic mood and let me tell you just a few things, you (and obviously I) could do at home, while working remotely or freelancing, instead of travelling to work every single day, if you do so too.


First of all, I could do all the things I mentioned above… Designing, learning new stuff, coding, writing blogs, and so on. Basically anything design related.


Housework. I could clean my whole flat, do dishes, laundry. I could even be watering plants.


I could finally do fine art. It is a huge dream of mine since I was a little child, to create some crazy, abstract, cubic paintings.


To train my body and my mind. I could spend more time in the gym, than I usually do and I still could have a huge amount of time to just meditate or contemplate.


I could… ehm… masturbate. No comment on this one.


This one really really sucks. I could spend much more time in the nature. I go out very rarely nowadays. I guess throughout weekends only.

People are connected with nature — by their nature.


Meet my friends. Again… we mostly meet on Fridays and weekends.


I think, there are much more points, I could involve in this list, but these were the ones, I could think of right away. I hope, that you will take this blog post seriously and will learn the lesson — not to waste YOUR time.

Thank you for your hopefully not wasted time and if you’d like to share some insights on this topic, just drop me a comment down below. Hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you in the next one!


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