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As I laid in bed Tuesday night watching the most absurd, childish, and vindictive presidential debate I’ve ever witnessed, I realized who the real loser of the debate was: us. Or maybe not me, because my voting decision was made up a long time ago, but for the people who actually rely on these debates to help shape their voting decision. Given the politically polarizing climate of this country, that group of people may be dwindling, but a fraction of people still exists who tune in to the debates to form an opinion about the humanity, character, and personality of…

White People, Admitting the Problem is the First Step Toward Racial Reconciliation

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Over the past month, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time absorbing, listening, learning, speaking out, and advocating for the reality that racism is an institution in this country, not an exception. After seeing many of my friends and family members disappoint me by the content they post on social media and the comments and opinions shared, one thing is clear to me. Many white people haven’t graduated past the first step toward racial reconciliation: admitting the problem. The problem being that racism is not an exception. It’s pervasive, systemic, and institutionalized in the United States.

In the famous twelve…

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Each day as I scroll through my social media and news feed during this pandemic, I usually find hot takes, conspiracy theories, hyperpartisanship, and fear-mongering. But among the vitriolic updates and articles, there also exists a lot of humor, inspiration, education, and community. This is one of the most bizarre and surreal events of my lifetime. The only thing I can compare it to is post-9/11 because everything about our country and how we viewed the world felt different afterward. …

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In 2012, I was all in for Mitt Romney as our president. I voted for him in the primary and in the general election, because I thought he was a moderate politician that shared my core political positions with a moral character that would actually care about finding common ground between those that identify with progressive and conservatives ideologies. He found a way to get elected Governor of Massachusetts as a Republican and created a universal healthcare program for Massachusetts, which had many similarities to the ACA put into law by Obama a few years later.

But, as we all…

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Growing up in South Florida, my brother, many of my friends, and friends’ dads played golf religiously. I was too busy playing basketball and watching Michael Jordan. Then, Tiger Woods came on the scene. Like many casual golf fans with Tiger fever, I didn’t care much about the sport unless he was in the hunt on Sunday. When he was, it was must-see TV.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in my teens and college years watching two of the greatest international sports stars of all time — Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

These two men had many similarities…

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With the passing of John McCain this past Saturday, I reflected on a man who, like Mitt Romney, helped shape my current political views and philosophy. Most people don’t start paying attention to politics until their twenties or thirties when they begin paying more taxes, building a career, or starting a family. I was in my twenties in the early and mid-2000s, at the height of McCain’s political career when he won the Republican primary bid, but ultimately lost to Barack Obama in the 2008 general presidential election.

McCain made a name for himself by not being afraid to reach…

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After the Stoneman Douglas shooting, I wrote an article outlining a five-point proposal to improve gun control. But, I believe the issue of gun violence, and in particular, school gun violence, is more complex than coming up with more laws to control who can buy guns. And now only three months later, another school shooting occurred. So instead of writing about more gun control ideas, I will propose another side to this issue:

We have both a gun law problem and a people problem.

I believe our gun laws in this country are too soft, but we quickly run to…

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I am like you. I hate that we only talk about gun control when a major incident occurs, yet people die from guns every day. I’m frustrated that our remembrance of mass shootings quickly fade away. We forget about the victims, and ultimately do nothing to cause change. I’m frustrated that there are still people in this country who think an assault on the Second Amendment is happening when you mention the phrase “gun control”. …

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The next time you’re at the mall or a restaurant, take a minute to look at the people around you. You’ll see a lot of people staring at their phones in the presence of loved ones. I’m guilty of it, and I want to be better this year.

Two days before this past Christmas, my phone died.

Nooooooooo, I thought to myself. What ever shall I do without my phone over the holidays?!

Because the Apple stores were absolutely bananas during that time of year, so I wasn’t able to schedule an appointment until a few days after Christmas. I…

Super Bowl LII had everything we wanted in a sports and entertainment spectacle. It had a lot of offense, a Patriots loss, a mad/sad Tom Brady, a fun halftime show, a little bit of controversy, and improbable heroes. Chief among those improbable heroes was Nick Foles. For Foles, it must have felt like a dream for him last Sunday night as he walked off the field as the Super Bowl MVP.

It was just three years ago that Foles was traded away from the Eagles to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford and two draft picks. To better understand…

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