Start a Conversation with María App

For those of us that only speak one language but absolutely need to communicate to others in a different language, María App is the best. It’s a super simple solution that allows you to save the phrases you use the most and send them at the tap of a button. Here’s how it works.

María App Available on iOS 10

Found in Translation

Ever tried using the web to translate from Spanish to English? For simple words or phrases it works. But for trying to communicate important matters it can leave much to be desired:

The idea for María App came from challenges like this. Realistically, most people depend on friends and family to get the right translation. So instead of trying to create a better way to translate, Maria App is a better way to save and send the right message.

How it Works

Once you have the right message, María App allows you to save it, title it whatever you like and send it whenever you need.

Maria App Highlights

María App, iMessage App made exclusively for iOS 10
With iOS 10, apps are now built directly into iMessage. There’s even an App Store available inside iMessage. For now María App is only available for iOS.

How to get María App
TODAY — September 13th, 2016 — download iOS 10 and open iMessage. Search for María App and download the app for $0.99 or download here.

Created by a DREAMer for her Mom
The María App is the creation of the amazing Marisol Valero, to help her mom communicate better with her housekeeping clients. Her mom’s name? María.