It’s Time For Twitter To Take One For The Team

It’s time that Twitter — and America — faced a hard truth. Posting 140 characters or less is neither profitable as a business model nor beneficial to the human race.

Look no further than our 45th president, former reality TV star and business mogul Donald Trump.

Trump’s presidency was built on Twitter and without the social media platform, the POTUS would have had a much harder time spouting off nonsense, punching down, and distracting the nation from actually important issues. He might still have won — Crooked Hillary was never a popular choice, and nor were Trump’s Republican rivals, Little Marco and Low Energy Jeb. But he’d have a harder time tapping into his pool of black magic without the ability to tweet.

Meanwhile, Twitter continues to bleed out, losing over $2.8 billion since going public just a few years ago and failing to turn a profit by 2017 as planned. At this point, Twitter may never make money. It will be remembered not as the social media platform that sparked successful revolutions in the Middle East (sorry, that whole Arab Spring thing was a bust) but as Donald Trump’s most prized political weapon.

And so you have to wonder:

If you can’t even monetize Trump’s shenanigans properly, what’s the point?

Twitter, it’s time to take one for the team and close up shop.

Take away the president’s favorite megaphone and save investors all this time and money and frustration all in one fell swoop. Be the change America — and the world — needs.

It’s certainly possible that Trump would then move on to Facebook and start posting even longer tirades, but the same solution would apply there.

I say burn them all down, one by one. The rise of social media and the internet promised better access to information, less insularity and fewer echo chambers, and a better chance at equality.

Instead, misinformation spreads like a virus, the line between fake news and actual fact has been so badly blurred it may never recover, and people are almost willfully misinformed about the issues. Worse still, rather than making us more connected, social media promotes anti-social behavior and tribalism.

I love the internet and I hate the internet. I use it all the time, yet I miss the time, long ago, when it wasn’t so ubiquitous. Before Twitter and Facebook and iPhones and all the rest. Before Trump tweeted his every unfiltered thought and petty grudge.

Come on, Twitter. You can start this revolution. Put a stop to all this nonsense.

You can make America great again.

P.S. If not already obvious to you, I’m having a bit of fun with this. I mean, I do think that the internet and social media have made things worse in many ways, but I don’t think they’re going anywhere, and it’s best to learn to balance our lives and be vigilant and do our homework and make sure we have limits in place than to wish for the impossible. But hey, it’s fun to write a post asking Twitter to commit harikari so here we are.

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