Filtering your life through Facebook

Politics makes me sad, like really sad. Politics through Facebook at first makes me angry, then frustrated, and finally wearily depressed. Disagreements that would have normally garnered discussion suddenly turn into raging wars of polemic attacks. Responses from conservatives engender this rage in me that can only be described as my inner troll. Engaging in this activity is far from productive it is

My behavior makes me feel horrible, makes me feel shame, makes me feel like I am living in this awful, self-reifying bubble. Thinking about how I want to fix it I am left feeling numbness. Unconsciously we are all programmed to an extent by our Facebook feed.

Friends that make posts supporting Donald Trump are cast as racist because of the bombastic and idiotic words that come from their presumptive candidate. Liberals that refuse to support Hilary are cast as idealistic, delusional, and dangerous, simply because they have looked at their beliefs and realized that they cannot in good conscious vote for the Democratic nominee. Other stories involving BLM and Muslims pepper our feed and distort impressions of a person. None of these posts represent these people.

Politics are important but are they really that important. We all live in and work in places with people from any number of backgrounds. Our friends hopefully are diverse in cultural, political, and personal background. Even our loved ones may be people that view the world differently. None of these people are represented by their Facebook feed and if there is one thing that I have learned, after being humbled by a super shitty awful disease, is that your reality, no matter how right you believe it to be, is merely one perspective, and the big capital T-truth comes from exposing yourself to realities that challenge rather than reaffirm the bubble you live in.

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