Why You Should Read the Ancients
Dominic Martyne

I completely agree!

You seem to be much more educated than I am and I have seen some of the points you brought up in my own self-education in the classics!

For example the influence of ancient thought on Dante’s Divine Comedy (just started reading it yesterday and I’m in loveee 😍) as well as how the classics influence your thinking when you become accustomed to reading in their way of communicating. (Or atleast the way things are translated in English)

Those things I’ve definitely noticed so far 🙏🙌

And also I really agree that a lot of modern thought is complete garbage.

Books written not for the purpose of education and art but for spreading a brand and to “just be an author”…

Loved your insights and the way you articulate yourself!

For a tip — maybe try adding some space in the middle of a paragraph to make it more skimmable so more people can enjoy your writings!

I am officially a fan, Dominic Martyne — can’t wait to see more posts from you 🙏🙌

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