Everything I Read in 2017 — And What You Should Read in 2018
Jen Sanfilippo

I enjoyed your list quite a lot! Thank you for writing it!

2 things:

  1. I’ve been hearing tons of praise for Sapiens so I guess it’s gonna get to me eventually 😄
  2. I’m VERY curious about Maus! Was already in my amazon list and I would very much like to read it! 🤗

And since you’re an avid reader here are a few of my favorite books that you can consider reading!

(I mean, there’s really no reason to listen to me but hey 😄)

First off: Mort by Terry Pratchett.

If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it! It’s about a young boy — Mort — becoming Death’s apprentice.

It’s philosophical satire. It’s also brilliant! 😄 Check it out if you want!

In second place: The Inferno by Dante Alighieri.

Amazing book. Started it yesterday and spent almost 40 minutes on the first 10 pages 😄

What’s interesting to see in it is the structure, as well as the worldview of someone in 1300s + the metaphors Dante uses!

Also sidenote:

Dante (main char) and Virgil (first char Dante meets in Inferno) are awesome names !

I don’t know why but holy shit they sound badass! 😄

Okay enough of that. Now back to business!

Third and final book: Getting Things Done by David Allen!

It’s a book that teaches you — as the title so aptly points out — how to get things done!

It’s maybe the top productivity book for a number of high-level entrepreneurs 🙌

Highly recommend! 🔥

So those are my top picks!

Thanks again for writing this — would love to hear if you’ve read these 3!

See ya 🙌

P.S: have a great day! 🤗