The Importance of Doing Things Poorly

Here’s a recipe for success from a 20-year old with barely any idea of the world he’s living in:
- Do stuff and really suck at it.

There’s a lot to say on this topic and I have some of the ideas so I decided I could share them! I currently have a timer that was set for 10 minutes and has now reached 4 minutes and when it reaches 0 I’m out of time to write this post so let’s get into it straight away!

Why should you suck at stuff? Really — why SHOULD you suck at stuff. I’m using the word with intent. You should. You should IF you want to progress. And seeing as that progression in anything makes us feel really good inside — I think you should feel good more often.

But why does it help you progress? Why does doing something badly get you to “success”? Oh, a number of reasons, my friend! But at the core of it — you should not be afraid to fail. Failiure is the best thing that can happen to you if it’s in a certain manageable extent! You fail — you learn! (Don’t fail too hard because that can cause death but then that’s not really a manageable failure, is it?)

I really don’t have time to explain in THIS post but it is REALLY important that you get this in your head — GO OUT THERE AND FAIL THE HECK OUT OF THINGS! If you can manage it — get laughed at. Get called names, get laughed at and put yourself in a position where you’re TRYING. Success is irrelevant anyway. It’s too vague if it’s not your own personal definition of it, anyway so just, yeah. Fail and Fail HARD! (Not too hard though, we already covered this)

My alarm clock from just went off and I had a screaming chicken making noise in my face for 2 minutes while I was finishing that last paragraph but I did it for you! So yeah. Fail hard. Next post I’ll let you in on WHY that’s good and HOW you can do it better! ^^

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