American Food Culture:

With the rapid influx of immigrants from other nations since the establishment of the United States, the term “American food” has become broader and broader, giving several different interpretations of what is considered American food. Since the United States is so culturally diverse, hence the name “melting pot,” a lot of our foods are pulled from other cultures, peoples, and religions. Within the United States, you can find food groups such as Mexican, Chinese, Thai, and Italian on almost every street corner, except with their own unique twist depending on which region it’s in. Foods that are often thought of being “truly American” however are foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, meatloaf, and mac’n’cheese, which can be found at every dine-in restaurant or backyard cookout. These are the foods people celebrate with on occasions such as American Independence Day, or just a friendly get together, and I hope that if you haven’t tried the yet, you do because they are quite tasty!

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