Easy Winners

We really have it lucky in 2016. If I want to hear a piece of music — any piece of music — all I need to do is search for it on my phone, and less than 10 seconds later, I’m listening. 15 years ago, it would take a 5-minute download on a 56k modem. 25 years ago, it would be a 1-hour trip to the store. 150 years ago, if you wanted to hear music, you either had to make it yourself or listen to a live musician.

In this video, the audio is an actual recording of the one and only Scott Joplin playing his own composition, “The Easy Winners.” Joplin was, of course, known for his ragtime piano compositions, which are studied and played by pianists of all ages.

Note the slow, relaxed tempo.


Most performances today are nearly twice as fast. (If you MUST hear it fast, you can set the play speed to 2x — and hear it become inappropriately comedic.)

Originally published at fineartoflistening.com.

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