Mage Escape— Entry 1

Erik Brown and Steven Jin

Initial Terrain — with a FIREBALL!

Mage Escape is a VR puzzle where the user must interact with the environment in order to escape a room/enclosure. Technology will be the Oculus Rift headset and Oculus Touch controllers. Our creative focus will be on developing effective and intuitive menus and interaction, as well as developing a creative and interesting puzzle to solve.

Technical Features planned:

Selection: User should be able to select an object via pointing (raycasting) which will allow other portions of the program to interact with that object.

Manipulation: User may manipulate (some) selected objects. Manipulation options include movement, rotation, and disintegration. Manipulation will be required in order to escape the puzzle.

Wayfinding: Direct the user to the exit and provide a map of surroundings. Interesting objects will be marked/highlighted.

Travel: User presses a button and moves a touch controller to travel. Also available is a teleport spell.

System Control: Menu for selection current spell / interaction technique; Menu for system control (help, exit, reset).

Audio: Sound effects are planned to be included for various interactions, fireball launching, and a background track.

Quaternions: Rotations will be accomplished via quaternions.

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