Pindex wants to be on KuCoin and needs your help

Pindify, the fast growing ad free arts & media market, that helps providers of arts & media to make a living of their passion, wants to list its token Pindex (PDI) on the KuCoin crypto-exchange and needs your help to make that possible!

If you are a crypto-lover and have a passion about arts and music, would you please be so kind to help us win a free KuCoin listing by voting for us? 
We will love you forever and we will remember you in our songs :)

KuCoin is organizing a Vote For Your Coin action on telegram. We can let the voice of our community be heard. If we get the most votes, we will be rewarded with a FREE KuCoin listing and a 30,000 USD marketing package to go with it.

Let’s all get together now and make sure Pindify gets some well deserved exposure!

How To Vote:

1. If you haven’t done so, make sure you sign-up on KuCoin. You need to be registered on KuCoin in order for your vote to count.

2. Once you join this telegram group, the voting bot will welcome you, start a private conversation with it so you can cast your vote.

3. Follow the instructions in the pinned post. Most of the voting system is automated so things will be super easy for you.

4. Fill the fields the KuCoin bot sends you in the private chat. You will be asked the following:
 a. What is your KuCoin account email address?
 b. Project name you want to get listed (spell the name Pindify in full). NOTE: Make sure you spell it correctly as only than the bot will count the vote!!!!
 c. What is special about Pindify? Why should it be listed on KuCoin? Use your own words. If you need some inspiration, read this story, visit the Pindex website or the Pindify website and watch the video below!

Competition starts when voting bot goes live on July 12th 18.00 UTC+8 and runs until July 15th 18.00 UTC+8.