Yeah but, Erik, there’s a big difference between liking Bernie more than Trump, and being motivated…
Tom Christy

Also, I hadn’t expanded the comment, so sorry if my response was largely to the first paragraph! The “Bernie Bro” phenomenon was incredibly overstated, probably by people who wanted to make Bernie supporters seem sexist for not supporting Hillary. If you look at the actual numbers, the support for Bernie was basically even gender-wise.

I don’t deny that Bernie would have had some trouble winning over non-white demographics; he’s a Vermont senator, after all, and it would have taken a lot of outreach to overcome the sense of cultural isolation that goes along with that. But economic inequality is not an issue with a narrow focus. I’d argue that’s why so many people are rallying around Trump- they’re looking for some control and stability, and think that Trump is going to turn things around for them. With that in mind, maybe Bernie could have taken a bigger bite out of Trump’s base of support than Hillary’s been able to.

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