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After 18 years of teaching writing in a secondary classroom, Mrs. Mason knew the idea of debating how to teach (which tasks, presentations, questions, etc. are best practices) seems inevitable. However, the idea that scholars sit around debating what to teach in a writing course is a foreign concept. Who knew that some people advocate focusing on literary texts while others are in favor of studying social dilemmas and still more are interested in teaching technicalities like grammar and sentence structure? In the midst of this three-ring circus, what is a writing teacher to do? Perhaps, just teach writing.


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To understand what entails in writing a synthesis essay, you’ll need to know what the essay is all about in the first place. A synthesis essay is somehow different from an analytic essay or any other essay for that matter. As was told in my latest article, I’m often writing for this amazing service and already have written a lot of articles that helped thousands of students to improve their essay writing skills. And today I’m going to break down a synthesis essay.

What is Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a paper used to defend student’s arguments by backing it with relevant information…

I love helping students and their parents. In many ways. Writing help, tutoring, general writing and learning tips. Everything that could help with easing the academic process. And here we go, another article that may help our dear students, our future to be accepted in their dream colleges.

I have written numerous educational articles for WriteAnyPapers and have been involved into either writing or editing academic articles for numerous blogs and services. A definitely helpful information for every student student. These include essay writing guides, application guides, studying tips and more.

Today I’m going to break ten myths about college…

As a writer and editor, I have just passed another round of reading to see what needs improvements. With that in mind I see some problems in the world of writing for publication and thought I might offer some advice for those people who are looking to improve their chances when submitting an essay to professor, submitting a story for newspaper, magazine or blog.

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The first places that I ever had my writing published are the kinds of places that the literary world sneers at. I was taught to write, not for journals or clubs or collections of literature, for…

“When Love gazed on Psyche
He fell into himself.”

How do you like these lines? This is a nine words poem “Eros and Psyche” by Ben Jefferson. Impressed? Me too!

What I like about this poem is that on the strength of allusion alone the nine words it’s made up of tell a story — Jefferson gets you to completely reexamine the whole of the Psyche myth (and hopefully the modern concept of psyche, the old concept of love, and by omission Narcissus) with a few words. …

When you’re first learning to use a hammer, you don’t use it well — one of two things tends to happen: either you take mincing, pussyfooting little swings that only serve to waste energy and bend nails, or you whack the shit out of your thumb a couple of times before you get the technique down right. The same approaches are evident when a writer is getting a handle on narrative — either they’ve worked hard to remove all storytelling aspects of a work (you see this a lot with poets who don’t think poems are supposed to tell stories)…

There are quite a lot of sci-fi fans in the world including me. And honestly, sometimes I think developing a great sci-fi novel, movie or anything at this point is insanely hard. What makes a great sci-fi? Why some novels succeed and some did not?

In Other Worlds: SF an the Human Imagination by Margaret Antwood has a great peek on sci-fi novels and it might answer to a lot of your questions about what makes a good sci-fi. Definitely a recommended (even a must) read for every sci-fi fan out there!

Discover why your writing classes are bad and…

I’ve always been a big book nerd. Spent a lot of time reading into stories, analyzing, trying to understand the core of the story and most importantly the thought processes of writers behind each story. What serves an inspiration for a particular story? Why this style of writing? Who had the most influence on a writer?

Today I found one of my old college papers in which I’m trying to understand Sigurd Olson and his style of writing as well as writing a story that has similar writing style.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been a big fan of Olson and…

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