When it comes to health, fitness, and performance there are few if anythings more important than posture. It is something we all know but we can be seriously confused as to what constitutes proper posture. There is an optimal posture for each and every person and most people are more alike than they are different. We can refer to this as baseline functional posture.

The key points to baseline functional posture are pain-free and efficient movement in everyday activities such as standing, walking, lifting objects, carrying objects, sitting, and sleeping. Some of those everyday activities are natural and quite functional while others are unnatural and dysfunctional. Then there are those such as standing and walking which are natural but are morphed into unnatural postures because of shoes and other fashion choices.

Then there is the realm of superhuman , or hyper-dysfunctional if you will, activities. These are the realms of sports and extreme activities. Each and every sport and activity has an optimal stance and posture.

Once all of those postures are defined statically you then have to think that there are many postures within every sport. Hundreds, if not thousand, who knows perhaps infinite. There are so many ways the body can move it would be difficult to identify all of the nuance.

However there is a lot that we can do to create a better baseline functional posture and that is where we should focus most of our energy. When it comes to sport I like the idea of drilling with the best biomechanics possible and being sure to do specific movements to counter balance the ill effects of doing the unnatural biomechanics of your chosen activities.

When you play your sport, you need to trust in your training and turn your mind off. Enter the state of Mushin, empty mind, and just flow. Then you can analyze and improve yourself once the training is over.

All great training is like a yin yang. Balancing itself out through a disciplined approach that is integrative and holistic. I believe the best efforts to follow the best designed most high intensity program is like having all of the bolts, nuts, and screws loose on your car and then hitting the accelerator as hard as you can. That is a recipe for disaster.

Fix your posture and your diet, and you will get more out of your training program and improve quicker at your given sport than any other method available. How can you be your best at a superhuman activity, if you can’t even perform fundamental movements as well as a small child?