Why a calorie isn’t just a calorie

When it comes to weight control one of the prevailing myths is that a calorie is a calorie, no grey area. It is really that black and white. This logic will have you believe that 200 calories of coca cola is the same as 200 calories of broccoli and chicken breast.

Anyone who has ever achieved low body fat from a relatively high body fat should know that the above statement is complete bullshit. However some people may not know that even if they have low body fat because they may be eating super strict counting their calories out of fear that they will fatten if they don’t. It is a sad manipulation by the food industry and the scientists that support it.

The general belief that it is calories in and calories out has probably caused more confusion and wasted effort for millions, if not billions of people, than quite possibly any other belief.

I would like for people to know that food is very similar to drugs, in that certain nutrients illicit certain hormonal effects that change our appetites, energy storage, energy usage, alertness, immune function, and the list goes on.

Want the key information on why food is drug like in a paragraph? Carbs cause the body to secrete insulin which is an energy storage hormone. Too many carbs will make you fat. Protein causes the body to secrete glucagon which is an energy release hormone. If you eat too much protein you will die of starvation. Don’t believe me? Read up on rabbit sickness. Now here is the kicker. Fat is hormonally neutral. It doesn’t do much on it’s on, but if you combine high fat with high carb, the results typically aren’t pretty. (i.e. Standard American Diet)

That is why I always recommend people who are having a tough time leaning down to cut carbs to a minimum and allow liberal amounts of protein, fat, and dietary fiber. If you don’t know what that means animal protein, vegetables, and good fat like grass fed butter and ghee, olive oil, avocado and the fat from the protein sources. The occasional uptick in carbohydrate consumption can actually be good for you, but it isn’t something you need after every workout. If you are a serious athlete than perhaps you do, but you probably are more concerned with getting enough fuel as compared to getting 20 or more pounds off your body.

Don’t believe the hype. Calorie quality does matter. The processed food industry loves that you think otherwise, but that is why the sell cheap junk to you as nutritious food, when the reality is almost all processed foods have no nutrients other than the ones they fortify them with. Essentially they add vitamins and minerals to most foods just like taking a multi vitamin with your food.

We are being manipulated and the first step to stopping yourself from being manipulated is being aware. Remember that most of the science you are reading about food is funded by the same food industry, therefore it isn’t always, if ever, objective. Look at traditional diets of healthy people and you will see that their diet is a simple fair of nutritious real food. Why should your diet be any different?