Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

In her top 20 donors list prior to her first presidential run:

Goldman Sachs

Lehman Brothers

Morgan Stanley

It’s 2016. Our drinking water is getting poisoned. The FDA is a joke. The Justice department is overrun with corporate goons and the NSA is confused as to why we don’t want to give it complete freedom to peek in on our personal lives on a whim while supposedly securing permission from a court behind closed doors.

“Gore and Kerry did it too,” is a lousy argument in favor of anybody post sub-prime disaster.

I would vote for transgender Bernie or non-racist Trump before I voted for Hillary. I’m appalled that she’s even a candidate given the people she’s been politically associated with.

She’s not even a good tactical choice. Conservatives would be more excited about running against Hillary than voting for anybody else against any other candidate. No doubt in part due to sexism but in much greater part because she’s a Clinton. And yet another part that’s most of the stuff the rest of us don’t like about her.

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