I Seek Solitude

Erik Rittenberry
Feb 15 · 2 min read
Photo by Erik Rittenberry

I seek solitude not to get away
but to go within and scatter
myself like dust in
the cosmic wind

I seek solitude not to find
what is good and what is evil
but to strip off the heavy garments
of morality and walk naked
in the sacred garden

I seek solitude not to dwell
on the past or prepare for the future
but to abandon myself to the moment,
surrendering to its new
light and insight

I seek solitude not to heal my wounds
but to bleed joyfully among the broken
bones of an ailing world

I seek solitude not to run from love
but to bathe in the rich fragrance
of its everlasting radiance

I seek solitude not to live soberly
but to drink heavily from its grail
and to suffer and rejoice in the
culturally forbidden landscape
of our primal instincts

I seek solitude not to shed my demons
but to nurture them with the nectar
of my being, transforming them
into allies

I seek solitude in the dark
not to revel in its impurities
but to lift my own lantern
to its caged wisdom

I seek solitude not for isolation
but for communion with the nightingales
and the fireflies and the stars
and to pour my own darkness into
the cosmos so as to replenish
my heart with the light
it returns

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Everything has been figured out, except how to live.

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