I am quitting

I must have said that a few hundred times this year.

I quit. I am not doing this anymore. It’s too hard. You follow?

A couple months I realized how much my life was run by those two words. Anytime things got tough in business or in life, I was out of there.

It’s been eye opening to see how much I want to quit right now, all over again. I am in the midst of having the biggest breakthroughs in life and in business, and again, I want to quit.

So what is this all about? Raise your hand if you ever feel the same way? Like it’s just getting way to hard, and it would be easier to choose a different path. It’s as if it’s greener on the other side — but really.

I am here to tell you that choosing to quit, no matter how hard it gets, will forever leave you knowing yourself as a quitter.

There is something really miraculous that begins to happen when you press in. When you choose to be in the discomfort of things until something breaks open rather than settling for the easy route.

What there is for us to focus on is doing the work that would have things turn around. Doing the dedicated work that will have things shift. Being committed that it doesn’t have to look like this any longer. Getting up to something bigger than life. Proving to ourselves that the miraculous really is possible with us!

You will begin to create a clearing for miracles the moment you choose breakthrough over quitting.

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