Back to basics-programming

Camera. Code. Coffee.

Started a new programming project earlier this year. Thought to myself: no more hipster coding frameworks that grow out of style after 3 months (javascript, I’m looking at you!). Back to basics. Simple is better than having the latest cool thing.

So I thought, what is simpler than PHP? Does the job, works everywhere, runs most of the internet and plenty of resources out there for when you’re stuck. Plus, I’m familiar with it since many years back.

“It doesn’t scale”, you say? Well, let me just say that I can worry about that when we have a million users. Right now, I just want to make meaningful progress.

Yes, it’s a bit of an “ugly” language, but only if you allow it be.

Anyhow, I needed to find a web framework to get up to speed. Doesn’t want to build everything from scratch. So, I searched and I found… Laravel.

What a beautiful little find!

Does what it’s supposed to, gets out of the way when it should and keeps everything nice and tidy. Highly recommended!

Frontend? Vue.js/bootstrap. Database? MySQL. Simple stuff.

The thing is, the hard problems when you’re starting out is NOT what fancy schmancy scaling strategy you should have but figuring out WHAT to build.

“Am I building the right product?” is a much harder question than “am I building the product right?”.

Don’t forget that.

(Yeah, I know you could way more basic than this, my point is more of the kind that you should focus on the right problems in the right order when building something new.)